Drone with Camera – Live View Drone Camera

Drone with Camera – Live View Drone Camera

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Drone with Camera –

  • Highlights

    4K HD Adjustable Camera

    Film level video resolution, 4K anti-shake HD, outstanding optics performance can record every unforgettable moment in your life.

    5G HD Real-time Image Transmission

    Connect the aircraft by wifi, and start the real-time transmission function, so that you can fully control and watch the aerial photos of the aircraft, with clear image back transmission, and record everything you want to record.

    Gesture Control

    Just one gesture to shoot, whether you’re professional or not Photographers can take wonderful pictures for you. (the distance for taking pictures with gestures is about 5m)

    One hand / two-hand control, two gestures, which is easy to record video.

    Intelligent Auto-follow Shooting

    You’re the main character no matter where you are going vision tracking system is supported by Al technology and UAV can pinpoint targets precisely.

    GPS Positioning

    The aircraft will return automatically when the power of the fuselage is too low.

    The aircraft will return automatically Wher the remote control signal is interrupted.

    You can also use the remote control to manually control the course reversal.

    Foldable Drone

    Designed to be portable, the drone features a foldable arm design, allowing for carrying anywhere on the go without hassle.

The FAA requires drones that weigh more than .55lbs to be registered. You will need to go to here to register your drone.

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